Kudo Energy Gels Pack 16 x 60g assortment

Try the four varieties of Kudo energy gels with the assortment pack of 16 units. Contains:

  • 4 Kudo Carbo energy gels 60g/each
  • 4 Kudo Energy “Caffeine” energy gels 60g/each
  • 4 Kudo Isotonic “Potassium” energy gels 60g/each
  • 4 Kudo Multi “Magnesium and Potassium” energy gels 60g/piece

Made with 100% natural ingredients , gluten free. No additives or preservatives added. Free shipping on all orders!

The unit is available at 2,15€.




100% natural, gluten-free energy gels. No additives or preservatives added. Unit format 60g.

Kudo Carbo Energy Gel Kudo Carbo

Kudo Carbo energy gels contain a large amount of glucose and carbohydrates that our body is able to assimilate quickly. The amount of fat and saturated fats it contains is minimal.

This energy supplement can be consumed 30 minutes after the beginning of physical effort, if it is going to be prolonged, as it will provide us with all the energy we need to avoid possible sudden and abrupt drops in our performance due to muscle and liver glycogen depletion.

Kudo Carbo provides us with four all-natural elements such as banana, honey, millet and date.

Nutritional value 60g
Kcal 138,5/ Kjul 504,6/ Carbohydrates 33,2g/
Fat 0,032g/ Protein 0,8g/ Sugars 27,3g/
Fiber 0,75g/ Sodium 0,015g
Ingredients: honey, water, banana, date and millet.

Consume before, during and after physical exertion. Keep in a cool place. Suitable for all ages. Made in the U.S.A.

Kudo Energy Caffeine Energy Gel Kudo Energy “Caffeine”.

Kudo Energy gels with natural caffeine are made with 100% natural ingredients such as honey, banana and yerba mate, from which the small dose of caffeine is extracted.

It is the perfect energy supplement for specific moments of low energy, because when taking it, we will quickly notice how our body and mind respond to the physical effort we are making.

Nutritional value 60g
Kcal 107,46/ Kjul 456,66/ Carbohydrates 26,52g/
Fat 0,06g/ Sugars 24,48g. Of which: Fructose 12,06g, Glucose 10,56g/.
Sodium 0.015g/ Caffeine 29.16g
Ingredients: honey, water, banana and yerba mate.

Consume 15 minutes before or during physical exertion. Keep in a cool place. Suitable for all ages. We do not recommend more than 5 units per day. Made in USA


Kudo Energy Magnesium and Potassium Energy Gel Kudo Isotonic “Potassium”.

In our gel, we manage to provide a large amount of potassium from dates and mineral salts, with a dose of all-natural glucose.

Nutritional value 60g
Kcal 112/ Kjul 479/ Carbohydrate 28,3g/
Fat 0,12g/ Sugars 27g/ Fiber 1,02g/
Potassium 111 mg/ Sodium 307 mg/ Salt 0.76g
Ingredients: honey 40%, dates 23%, natural orange juice 18%, water 18%, Himalayan salt 1% and sodium bicarbonate 0.3%.

Take directly or dilute in 500ml of water, it is recommended to take in prolonged physical efforts, start taking it after the first hour of the effort during and after it.




Kudo Energy Magnesium and Potassium Energy GelKudo Multi “Magnesium and Potassium”.

Our multi superfood gel combines coconut water that provides electrolytes, glucose, potassium and many more minerals essential for recovery from physical exertion, dates that provide energy, glucose, a large amount of potassium, magnesium and many more minerals, beet which is a great unknown in the sports world and improves respiratory capacity due to the amount of inorganic nitrate that once ingested and metabolized becomes nitric oxide, nitric oxide is present in our physiological functions.

Nutritional value 60g
Kcal 99/ Kjul 401/ Carbohydrates 24,9g/
Fat <0,12g/ Sugars 21,9g/ Fiber 1,08g/
Potassium 175 mg/ Magnesium 10.5 mg/ Sodium 9.8 mg/ Salt 0.02g
Ingredients: coconut water 41%, honey 27%, dates 18%, banana 10% and beets 4%.

Take before and after physical exertion.

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