Our history

I have dedicated a large part of my life to cycling and, despite having had to stop training for several years now, I never stopped loving the sport. A passion always accompanied by nutritional care, which is why, in addition to being an athlete, I am a lover of healthy food in every way.”

"My goal, 100% natural energy supplements."

On many occasions I was forced to eat, during races and training sessions, different energy products with unhealthy ingredients, but at that time there was no alternative. After leaving my cycling career, I focused on the area of healthy eating and always wanted to develop these products that I missed so much at the time.

Our Kudo energy gels are 100% natural and without any additives or preservatives, since adding to our body small doses of potassium sorbate (which is what contains the vast majority of energy gels) is to make our liver work excessively to have to eliminate these foreign, unnatural elements from our body.

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Kudo Energy gels are the healthy alternative you need.
Many teams rely on our products to obtain the necessary energy intake at all times, with the assurance that they are consuming a carbohydrate source that is beneficial to their body. Let us bring our quality energy supplement, made with 100% natural ingredients, to your sports club and let nothing stop you!